Our Mission

To bring people nourishing energy bites hand crafted with love.

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What does the word “Fuel” mean to you? 

To us, it means the right kind of energy you need for your body. At BodyFuel Café, our mission is to bring you an alternative style of dessert-inspired energy bites, without the dessert calories. As a fun and hip take on the increasingly-popular energy bite, we’re stepping on the scene to be the delicious, healthy answer in a never-ending junk food world. 

For those who aren’t in with what an “energy bite” is - they are donut hole-sized balls that are loaded with healthy ingredients that typically include dried fruit, oats, nuts, seeds, cocoa, protein powder, and so on. The beauty and appeal of these bite-sized snacks is they are chock-full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and complex carbs—hence the “energy”. Stuff that we dig include but aren’t limited to: natural ingredients, healthy complex carbs, high-protein, dairy-free, gluten-free options, plant-based drinks, naturally occurring sugars, nutrient-dense foods; all those things we sum up in one word: Fuel. 

Owner Jessica Salani is a Personal Trainer, Diet Coach, and a Pro-Bodybuilder.

She has been passionate for healthy eating since she was young; more specifically, she’s passionate about getting more healthy options on the market. For years she’s heard the voices of people struggling to eat cleaner; so, with her love of delicious food that doesn’t go against your goals, she’s making moves in the Boston area to bring BodyFuel Café to the east coast with cool vibes and clean eats.  

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Mission Statement

BodyFuel Café is a Christian-based business that strives to bring people nourishing energy bites hand crafted with love; from the ingredients to the making, we put TLC into every bite we make. Our body is our temple and it flourishes when given the right nutrients, that’s why we pride ourselves in giving you all natural ingredients that meet almost every dietary need. Whether you’re gluten free, vegan, diabetic, or just looking for a guilt free treat, we have a bite for you. The beauty of these healthy treats is they’re perfect to have at get togethers, sports events, on the go, or simply as a pairing with coffee. We want to see healthier, happier people around us, and believe BodyFuel Café is the movement that is making it happen.